Corporate Social Responsibility

Ever since it was established, Verbau Romania has decided to get involved in supporting various social projects aimed at improving the quality of life in our local community. Our company has been happy to support various educational, cultural, social and sports events.

The educational projects supported by our company concerned both primary and secondary education – assistance to schools and educational NGOs in the city of Cluj-Napoca – and university programs – active involvement and material support for student projects such as Construct Info, developed by the students of the Technical University of Cluj-Napoca.

In addition, our company has joined the Spherik Program, which promotes innovation and entrepreneurship especially among the young.

In the field of culture, we have offered financial support to various events, such as Zilele Corviniene (The Corvinian Days).

As an enthusiast supporter of sports and healthy lifestyles, Verbau Romania has offered assistance to the organizers of several cycling events – in order to promote the use of bicycles as a healthy transportation option – or other sports events, such as tennis or horse riding.

Construction Work

Success starts with good communication and cooperation between the beneficiary, the architects, the designer and our teams of engineers.  Thanks to our well-established expertise in the field and our solid project management practices, we guarantee all our projects are delivered in time and in compliance with the terms and conditions agreed upon from the outset.


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Project Management