Design & Build Services

The Design & Build concept covers all the necessary services, from design and permits issuance to the actual execution. Verbau Romania employs teams where the architect and the contractor work closely towards common goals: to streamline deadlines and costs and to ensure a premium construction quality.

Several technical problems that usually occur in the implementing stage can be solved during the design stage, thus avoiding the later need to redesign, which could delay execution. Everything is planned carefully, in detail. The suppliers are chosen from the outset, as well as the construction and finishing solutions, so that the budget agreed upon with the beneficiary can be kept.

The Verbau team provides the following services:

  • Architectural and interior design
  • Technical design (supporting structures, technical expertise, sanitary and HVAC facilities, electrical installations, fire protection facilities)
  • Zoning plans (PUZ – Zoning Urban Plan and PUD – Detailed Urban Plan)

  • Projects approval and permits
  • Interior design and fit-out
  • Customized execution
  • Supply of all the necessary materials, equipment and workforce


Includes projects executed in various fields.